For the cere­mony of mar­riage in the church or regi­stry office, the bride and groom are usu­ally bro­ught by a chauf­feur by car. Of course, this is always a neat, ele­gant, and spa­cious car, which is dif­fi­cult to deny the beau­ti­ful appe­arance and com­fort of dri­ving. Howe­ver, if you want to really stand out in the crowd, to empha­size how impor­tant this day is for us and just take the oppor­tu­nity to drive a uni­que, beau­ti­ful, and luxu­rious vehicle, instead of a modern limo­usine, cho­ose a vin­tage car.

Where to rent a vin­tage wed­ding car?

Com­pa­red to conven­tio­nal wed­ding car ren­tals, the pla­ces where you can rent a vin­tage car are much less. Howe­ver, if you are plan­ning a wed­ding and recep­tion in the Les­ser Poland region, espe­cially in Kra­kow or its sur­ro­un­dings, you sho­uld defi­ni­tely have a look at the Auto­Ve­tus website. The owners of the ren­tal com­pany are pas­sio­nate about anti­que cars and they not only rent them but also restore them to their for­mer glory and splen­dor.

In its wed­ding offer, the ren­tal com­pany recom­mends won­der­ful cars from the 50 s and 60 s of the last cen­tury. Each of them is main­ta­ined in a sli­gh­tly dif­fe­rent conven­tion, all attrac­tive, ori­gi­nal, clas­sic, and time­less.

Jagu­ars for Bri­tish car lovers

Jaguar has been pro­du­cing its cars since 1922, and the conver­ti­ble ava­ila­ble at Auto­Ve­tus, altho­ugh manu­fac­tu­red in 1952, main­ta­ins the conven­tion of pre-war cars. The clas­sic lines and black and white exte­rior colors con­trast beau­ti­fully with the red leather inte­rior uphol­stery. Jaguar MKV is a luxury car, the stan­dard of which at that time can be com­pa­red to the cur­rent E class. The brand rele­ased this model in just over 900 units, and the rare conver­ti­ble is the only one cur­rently run­ning in Poland.

The last of the big Jagu­ars, cal­led Big Cats by col­lec­tors, is the MKIX model we offer. Tech­ni­cally advan­ced at the time, the beau­ti­ful, also black and white, with red uphol­stery and inte­re­sting deta­ils, is the quin­tes­sen­tial luxury of the 1950 s. The ico­nic front bench seat, four doors, and space make the car’s inte­rior extre­mely com­fortable, even com­pa­red to modern cars.

Cadil­lac – the car of the stars

The legen­dary Cadil­lac Series 62 Conver­ti­ble from 1959 impres­ses eve­ry­one. Beau­ti­ful lines, desi­gner’s pana­che, ample space, and the possi­bi­lity to auto­ma­ti­cally remove the roof make it possi­ble to enjoy a ple­asant drive in this histo­ric road cru­iser equ­ip­ped with an 8-cylin­der engine even on col­der days as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clo­uds. The spa­cious cabin, equ­ip­ped with a com­fortable front and rear seat, Was arran­ged in an inte­re­sting way with the use of an ori­gi­nal, navy blue color scheme.

The uni­que Hud­son Hor­net

One of the heroes of the famous car­toon „Cars” is Hud­son Hor­net, a reti­red racing car. The film’s pro­du­cers refer to the 1952–54 NASCAR race vic­to­ries of the Hud­son Hor­net, which owed its per­for­mance to a low cen­ter of gra­vity. Offe­red by Auto­Ve­tus, this coupe in its ori­gi­nal shade of blue, tho­ugh a two-door, not only allows for easy ingress and egress thanks to its true Ame­ri­can size but also pro­vi­des com­fortable tra­vel in both the front seats and the rear bench seat. The Hud­son Hor­net, which you can rent in Kra­kow, is the only such model in Poland.