The wed­ding is one of the most impor­tant cele­bra­tions in our lives, so it is no won­der that we want eve­ry­thing on that day to be per­fect, beau­ti­ful and extra­or­di­nary. This aura of solem­nity is per­fectly mat­ched by an ori­gi­nal and char­ming car in retro style, which will take us to the church or regi­stry office and fur­ther to the wed­ding hall.

The advan­tage of vin­tage cars over modern ones

The modern cars which are hired for wed­ding cere­mo­nies are undo­ub­te­dly fast, quiet and com­for­ta­ble, and they also look great. Howe­ver, they are depri­ved of what vin­tage vehic­les neces­sa­rily have – uni­qu­eness and uni­qu­eness. The­re­fore, if we want our wed­ding to be really spe­cial, let’s rent a vin­tage car instead of a new one.

Is it easy to rent an anti­que car?

There are far fewer vin­tage car ren­tal shops than their modern car coun­ter­parts, but ren­ting a retro-style vehicle is possi­ble in most major Polish cities. If you are plan­ning to get mar­ried in the Les­ser Poland region, be sure to visit the Auto­Ve­tus cen­ter in Kra­kow, which not only recom­mends wed­ding car hire in Wie­liczka, Nie­po­ło­mice, or Ska­wina but also deals with resto­ring old cars to their for­mer glory.

Which wed­ding cars are most popu­lar?

The bride and groom are usu­ally more focu­sed on the design, style, and colors of the car than on its per­for­mance or history – omit­ting, of course, true car fans who are inte­re­sted in eve­ry­thing rela­ted not only to the make or model but also to the par­ti­cu­lar car. Most often, howe­ver, the car is the com­ple­ment of the wed­ding arran­ge­ment, so it must fit into the conven­tion.

A black and white conver­ti­ble, namely Jaguar MKV

White is the color inhe­rent in the wed­ding cere­mony – most often it’s the shade of the bride’s dress, flo­wers, and domi­nant colors of the wed­ding hall. For this reason, white cars, or black and white with a pre­do­mi­nance of the lat­ter color, enjoy the gre­atest popu­larity during wed­dings. Auto­Ve­tus also offers a car main­ta­ined in the most desi­ra­ble palette of colors and a conver­ti­ble refer­ring in its appe­arance to the car’s cha­rac­te­ri­stic for the 30 s (altho­ugh it Was pro­du­ced in 1951). We are tal­king about Jaguar MKV with a fol­ding roof – the only such car in Poland.

A four-door, large Jaguar MKIX

Equ­ally sty­lish, in the same color scheme, spa­cious and com­for­ta­ble, the black and white Jaguar MKIX is a pon­toon car – beau­ti­ful and exc­lu­sive. Red uphol­stery and wooden deta­ils make its inte­rior look ele­gant and luxu­rious.

White car with a fol­ding roof – Cadil­lac Series 62 Conver­ti­ble

The Cadil­lac ava­ila­ble at Auto­Ve­tus is a 1959 model of this legen­dary model. This two-door conver­ti­ble with an auto­ma­tic fol­ding roof and an ama­zing navy blue inte­rior is an ideal wed­ding car, which not only looks great but also pro­vi­des a lot of dri­ving ple­asure thanks to its 8 cylin­ders and auto­ma­tic trans­mis­sion.

Unconven­tional Hud­son Hor­net

Unu­sual body colo­ring and inte­re­sting, brown and navy blue inte­rior give the car an ama­zing look and its truly Ame­ri­can dimen­sions ensure the com­fort of get­ting in and out, altho­ugh the Hor­net is equ­ip­ped with two doors. Looking at this only car in Poland with clas­sic lines cha­rac­te­ri­stic for vehic­les pro­du­ced in the 1950’s, it is hard to guess that this is the model which trium­phed during NASCAR races in years 52–54.