Traditionally, a bachelorette party is the bride’s symbolic last party with her friends. On this night, the bride-to-be is in the center of attention and often does not participate in the preparations. Most often the duty of organizing the bachelorette party takes over the bridesmaid. Ideas for the hens night should be tailored to the expectations of the bride, so we have collected for your inspirations, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

Who organizes the hen night?

Most often the task of organizing fun for the bride falls on the bridesmaid. In this case, the ladies can determine together when and where the fun will be held or limit themselves to determine that the whole thing will be a surprise for the bride. Increasingly, the future wife wants to participate in the preparations and engages in them on an equal footing with the bridesmaid or prefers to completely take over the baton. If there is a group of friends or sisters involved in the event, they may want to participate in the preparations. Good cooperation and brainstorming yield the most creative ideas!

Who pays for the bachelorette party?

Of course, you are entitled to your arrangements here, but it is in good taste not to charge the bride, who already has enough expenses. It is best to set a budget in advance and choose decorations and attractions according to it. In the case of young, studying brides, assume rather a smaller amount and according to this plan to purchase alcohol, decorations or necessary tickets. Working ladies can afford a higher drop, which will cover the cost of attractions.

What place to choose?

Every bride is different and has a different approach to fun, but when organizing a bachelorette party it’s worth remembering that it’s first and foremost the bride who has to have fun. Sometimes this requires compromises. Some brides prefer to stay at home that evening. This applies mainly to brides who appreciate peace and conversation with friends or those who are going to the wedding pregnant and their condition does not allow for lavish fun. Entertaining at the bride’s or bridesmaid’s home can be successful if you use creative ideas. One of them is a pajama party that can last until dawn. Sometimes you combine a bachelorette party with a baby shower, which somehow forces you to choose a color scheme. Prepare customized drinks and snacks. You can order a colorful candy box – many small cake shops and private confectioners offer specially prepared sweets for the bachelorette party. Each guest can bring to the party self-prepared snacks: salads, pasties, cornichons. Meet in advance and decorate the apartment with balloons, ribbons, and colorful garland. Spreading out the responsibilities will relieve the organizers and allow you to enjoy the fun.

Looking for a place where the hen night will not be disturbed by neighbors or intrusive guests, you can choose a cottage or farmhouse, both in your country and abroad. In this type of place, you will need decorations and snacks, and clothes for the night. In the warmer months, you can choose a garden party or an outdoor picnic. Make sure you have music equipment and speakers to make the party more enjoyable and have a playlist. Paper gadgets for photos with the theme of the bachelorette party will encourage even the most reluctant girls to have a memorable photo session. The crazier the props, the more interesting the ideas!

Some ladies have the best time in the hustle and bustle of a city club. Many large cities offer all-night attractions. Going out on the town in a smaller, well-coordinated group, take care of the  “before” party, and then you can decide to rent an old-school limousine or an elegant car after the renovation. At AutoVetus you will find an amazing cabriolet Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. Its retro lines are reminiscent of the popular series “That ’70s Show” – that style is making a strong comeback. A ride through the historic city in a white classic car is sure to impress the bride. The rest of the evening you can spend in clubs, dancing, sipping colorful drinks, or singing like real stars on karaoke.

Gadgets for a bachelorette party

The main thing is to be creative and match the theme of the decoration to the preferences of the bride. You can choose from a huge range of printed balloons, ribbons, or confetti. A popular theme is a long garland, and you can use a curtain rod to hang it. Snacks are often the decoration itself, but on the market, you can get special sticks for skewers, papillons, and tubes for drinks with strongly frivolous motifs. Of course, you also need to decorate the bride! A long sash and veil will make it clear which one of you is the most important today. If the bride does not want a veil, you can replace it with a diadem or a colorful garland. Smaller garlands on an elastic bands can be worn by all friends and sisters. Washable gold water tattoos are also a small and fun addition that will integrate the group. If you decide to rent a car from AutoVetus, they can help you decorate your car.

She’s got the look

Garland and a decorated wall are great backdrops for photos, but if you’re hosting your bachelorette party in the spring or summer, you can wear light dresses and invite a professional photographer for an outdoor session. A professional session will look great when you make sure you have a cohesive outfit. It can be a white dress for the bride and black for the bridesmaids or you can all wear floral dresses. A themed party should relate to what you feel comfortable in, so if you have a great time dressed as Disney princesses – do it!

The most popular bachelorette party themes are popular for a reason. They often reference girly styles or bring to mind famous movies that everyone should see:

  • Black and White
  • Hawaiian party
  • Pin-up girl
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Red carpet
  • Boho
  • Rustic
  • Moulin Rouge

Games and activities for the hens party

Among the fun games on the hen night can not miss the one with questions about the groom! The delegated friend should discreetly ask the groom for answers beforehand. The test of knowledge about the fiancé will show with a wink of an eye how well the bride knows her future husband. Sisters or cousins present at the bachelorette party can take turns asking questions to the bride. More or less accurate answers will certainly provide a lot of fun. You can also use ready-made cards with questions, in stores are available a variety of games for a bachelorette party.

Another game that can quickly rock the party is “Forbidden words“. Prepare a list of words that cannot be used during the evening. It could be the name of your future husband, “dress” or “wedding”. Each time one of the ladies uses a forbidden word, she has to perform a certain task – it’s up to you to choose, but we hint that singing a part of a song might work better than a punishing glass of vodka. Once the #teambride gets rolling, you can create a white dress together out of a towel or toilet paper. Don’t limit yourself to just paper! Ribbons and balloons from decorations or artificial flowers will look great in a keepsake photo.

Are you doing your bachelorette party in a foreign city? Are you planning a crazy clubbing? Precede it with a crazy city game! It can be the great team-building activity. This idea requires a good leader at the head of your Team Bride, but all you need is for one of your friends to be there beforehand and prepare the clues. Ask for help from random people who want to get involved. The first puzzle may be found at the lady in the nearest convenience store. Its solution will lead to the park, where the first of the friends is already waiting. After drinking the Elixir of Good Time together, she will lead the bride to another of her friends. Such a chain is a big organizational challenge, but we guarantee that your friend will never forget it.

A piece of cake

A bachelorette party organized at home or in the garden cannot do without a symbolic cake. Of course, it can be baked by one of your friends, but a popular solution is to order a cake in an unusual shape or with a funny inscription. If your friend has a frivolous sense of humor, you can allow yourself a cake with an erotic theme. It may happen that such an idea will shock some ladies – then with the rescue comes the confectionery spritz and making the inscription on the cake of a standard shape. A simple “Game over” can cause a lot of laughter. A cake can also simply be a subtle and elegant sweet addition to your coffee.

Take into account not only the tastes of the star of the evening but also possible food allergies of the participants. A good confectioner will easily bake a gluten-free or lactose-free cake, and you will be able to have a nice time.

Lifelong learning

Would you like to learn something new but usually lack the time or company? Spend your bachelorette party together on a course or workshop. In this way, a creative afternoon together will become an opportunity for development. There are many courses for groups on the market, and some trainers offer to come to your place and run the course at home. You can choose a cooking course, where you will prepare a party appetizer, ready to eat immediately. Workshops on the preparation of cosmetics or natural care will introduce you to a home SPA. For active ladies, we recommend dance workshops, such as pole dance, and housewives will enjoy the sewing course. If one of you is a make-up artist or a stylist and would like to teach you a bit about tricks used in this profession, you can combine joyful fun with gathering practical advice. Remember, it’s all about integrating your girlfriends, who will spend time with each other at the upcoming wedding.

A gift for the bride

Preparations for the wedding are associated with great stress, so a gift will be a nice gesture that will distract the thoughts of the future wife for a while. A popular souvenir, which is a certificate of the hen night, is simple to design in a graphics program, like Canva. The certificate can be printed in color on thick paper. The signatures of the friends present at the party are sure to cause emotion. Lace lingerie for the wedding night often appears among the gift ideas. Some friends opt for a practical, personalized gift like wine glasses with engraving, mugs to pair, or jewelry. When the party is at home, you can give gifts in an unusual way by introducing an element of gamification. Hide the gifts in a hard-to-reach place in the house and direct the bride using the words “Warm” when she is close and “Cold” when she moves away from the gift. The game is a good way to defuse the heavy atmosphere at the beginning of the meeting.

When to do a bachelorette party?

The date of the bachelorette party is sometimes the hardest thing to figure out. Take into account the bride’s preparation schedule and ask her availability. Let this be your starting point. In a larger group, use an instant messenger survey where you can get quick results from the invitees. Rather, choose dates that fall no more than a week or two before the wedding. The vast majority of bachelorette parties are held on weekends, but this is not a compulsion, and Saturday night fever can just as easily warm you up on any day of the week.

Bachelorette and bachelor party – together

The last party in your single state doesn’t have to turn into a typical girls’ night out. The other half, with whom you decide to go through life, should be, above all, the best friend, so many couples do not mind this solution. If the spouses-to-be belong to a common pack of friends who are close to each other, then having fun together will be a great solution. A house party, a club party, or a trip to an escape room together is an opportunity to have fun even before the stressful ceremony. A sports-active group will have a great time while competing on a go-cart track or ski slope.