The AUTOVETUS company deals with hiring and restoration of vintage automobiles.

Since the very begginig of our company, our goal was to restore our vehicles to perfect condition. We treat every customer individually, and every car as it was our own. It gives us great satisfaction, to see how much work and how much effort results as a finished project car. Our “cup of tea” is every classic car. British, Italian, German, French,or any other nationality , because we believe old cars have souls, and we will gladly bring their bodies back on the roads.

We offer restoration 100% as the originals, but also we can modify Your car, so it would go faster, drive better, be more comfortable. We also offer custom jobs, engine swaps, hot rod building. We try to share and realize our customers vision. Please take a look at the gallery of the cars, that we’ve already finished, and ones we’re currently working with, to see the quality of our job.

Renowacja, samochody ślubne, wynajem samochodów